Wednesday 28 September 2022

Water Pump fitting

My water pump was a complete mess and in order to remove it from the block I had to chop it to pieces due to the amount of corrosion.

New water pumps are cheap and easy to find. However there are different types that you should be aware of.

I had a bit of a mission ordering the pump that I felt was correct for my car as the part numbers can be the same but there are differences as you can see below.

Now I probably would have gone with the revised pump of the left had I not noticed that the dowels that help keep the pump in place didn't fit the holes in the pump. So I sent that back to the suppliers who did provide a refund.

I also noticed that the gasket which came with the pump also had the wrong size holes for the dowels. So word of warning to double check everything you can before fitting...

Because this isn't doing what it is supposed to!

Anyhow fit both dowels and ensure the surface is clean.

Then the gasket.

And tighten up the bolts.

Looking nice and shiny and ready for the fan.

Not bad at all!

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