Thursday 16 October 2014

Footwell End Panel In!

This evening was all about the final preparations for welding in the triangular support. A few weeks ago I was trying to make my mind up whether to weld the footwell end panel in before the triangular support or not. 

The preparation for the triangular support involved drilling the spot weld holes and then the inner section needed to be prepared with chassis paint to protect it from the elements. Chassis paint takes a while to dry so this helped me make up my mind to install the custom footwell end panel that I had made some weeks before.

My welding has improved so much now that it is almost perfect. I am now getting confident enough to weld gaps without the copper plate behind which helps stop burning holes in the metal.

So far it is all coming together nicely and all the measurements seem to be ok, with a millimetre or so either way. This should will allow me some movement when it comes to fitting the sills around the doors. But it is so nice installing a new panel, it just makes the chassis seem so much stronger already.

Next time I will be welding in the triangular support!!

Monday 13 October 2014

Further Preparation on Triangular Support

Continuing on with making a few alterations to the standard triangular support panel in order to make sure that it fitted ok was my aim tonight.

The photos below show the gaps that I needed to cover. I decided to cut into the panel and weld in new sections to finish off the new panel so it would fit the chassis better.

These next photos show some of the finer welding that had to be done.

So now the panel is ready to be permanently welded in place!