Saturday 15 December 2012

Engine Removed

After draining the oils from the sump and gearbox it only took me 30 mins to carefully remove the engine. I was quite surprised how easy it was to be honest, with the right preparation and tools of course.

MG Midget 1965 Restoration MG Midget 1965 Restoration MG Midget 1965 Restoration MG Midget 1965 Restoration MG Midget 1965 Restoration

So after just over five weeks the chassis now has my total attention to tackle the rust. I have been doing a fair bit of research and I have found one or two suitable rust converters that will stabilise the rust and provide a good platform for priming. 

The first job is to remove all the dirt, weather protection, grease and loose rust. Once all the rust has been taken care of the next job will be to replace the irreparable metal work.

MG Midget 1965 Restoration MG Midget 1965 Restoration

Thursday 13 December 2012

Carb Clean Up

As it is always the case that when I can't make it to the workshop I feel like I am wasting time if I didn't do something towards completing this project.

As I had recently removed the carburettors in preparation for removing the engine from the chassis, I thought that I would set myself a good challenge to learn all about the carburettor and give it a good clean up at the same time.

I started by removing the pancake air filters which as you can see are heavily rusted. The foam inside was so gone they turned to dust with the slightest touch. I had a go at removing the rust but there are too many areas where the rust had badly pitted into the metal. I had a look online and you can pick up a brand new pair for about £25 which seems a good price to add a bit of bling to the engine bay.

Once I had removed the air filters I then wanted to remove the return spring support. I have notice that this carb did not have a large heat shield but there was this smaller one which looks like it should do the job.

I then removed the piston suction chambers, which were fairly dirty both inside and out. But as I was cleaning them I did appreciate the engineering that went into manufacturing these items.

Looking into the carburettor body there was certainly a large amount of black tar like deposits that will need to be carefully cleaned.

But for now I finished cleaning one of the suction chambers and was happy with the result. I am not sure how to get it shining like a mirror yet but that can be a job for another day.

More information about tuning up SU carbs can be found here:

Monday 10 December 2012

Engine Ready for Removal - Update

I continued to prepare for the removal of the engine and gearbox. Tonight I removed the drive shaft, the gear stick and the four gearbox mounting bolts.

In addition I also removed the fuel pump.

Thought I should have a tidy up. Over the past few weeks I have been collecting empty A4 printer paper boxes from my work as they have lids and are quite sturdy. Each group of components has been placed in a box (where possible) and labelled up.

So this evening, with nearly everything off the car I stacked them all up on a pallet waiting for the time to be restored.

The larger brown boxes contain the carpet and trim, wiring loom, heater blower, repair panels and other bits and bobs waiting their turn.

Sunday 9 December 2012

Engine Ready for Removal

I haven't had much spare time this week to spend in the workshop, but did manage to grab a couple of hours today. 

So far with this project the only trouble I have had was with half a dozen rusty bolts which has been a massive boost to my motivation and to get the engine out will be another big psychological win. Just to recap the plan is to remove nearly everything off the chassis and start repairs on those areas that need attention. Not surprisingly the rust still seems to be restricted to the common areas. However some of the areas are looking far worse than my initial investigations.

Engine and gearbox are the last few parts to remove (other than the front and rear suspension, as I need to keep her rolling) and today I am just about ready to start the process of lifting out the engine and gearbox in one.

MG Midget 1965 MKII Restoration

MG Midget 1965 MKII Restoration MG Midget 1965 MKII Restoration MG Midget 1965 MKII Restoration MG Midget 1965 MKII Restoration

Monday 3 December 2012

Wiper Motor Restoration

On Saturday night I cleaned up the wiper motor and mechanism. I noticed that the motor did work when tested, albeit very slowly. On opening the casing the grease was quite old and solid, so would probably slow the mechanism down. I have replaced with new grease and will test again soon. Here are some photos showing the clean up.

Sunday 2 December 2012

Heater Matrix Out!!

So after a lot of time (too much for my liking) I finally removed the heater matrix. The four screws that were putting up a strong fight had just about everything thrown at them, but in the end the two on the right hand side gave in to the heat of my wife's crème brulee blow torch. 

The other two bolts on the left hand side were more resistant to the heat so had to be removed by drilling off the heads and then using a star bit in a pre drill hole to unscrew the remaining bolt.

From then on it was more plain sailing and so I continued on with removing the wiring loom.

Until....Yes at last it was out!!!