Thursday 29 September 2022

Dynamo Refurb

There's plenty of debate about whether to sick with the original dynamos or switch to an alternator.

I can see real benefit of switching and at some point I might. But for me right now I just want to get the car start and drive around on a few short trips whilst I iron out all the issues that I sure will come my way.

Changing the car to a negative earth right now just isn't part of the plan.

That means I couldn't throw this in the bin just yet!

Need to clean this up before I can test if it was even working.

The way to test if this works is to bridge the two connectors on the end of the dynamo with a wire and then connect a volt meter to one of the terminals and the other to the dynamo body and spin it up.

I used my drill pushed into a socket to spin it up and after correctly choosing the right setting (long stupid story!) I got the reading that I was looking for, which was about 14 volts at full drill revolution. About 2000 rpm. 

However the internal parts needed some attention.

So I when about carefully cleaning what I could. The coils are covered in fabric and are really delicate so you must not damage them or the connecting wires which are very small.

Cleaning and painting the outside was much easier...

Until I got to this fan!

Took me ages to get in all the nooks and crannies.

Came up well though.

I decided to replace the brushes and quite cheap and easy to do.

Just gets a bit fiddly sliding the drive back while the brushes are under the tension of the spring.

I cleaned the surface rust off with very fine wet and dry paper and used my compressor to blow any dirty from areas I cannot see or get to. 

All came together well and another bench test proved all was working fine.

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