Tuesday 11 August 2020

Blasting Chassis

After just over seven and a half years the time has come to send the MG Midget off to the blasters. It has been one of the most exciting points that I have been looking forward to during this restoration. The chance to see the chassis all finished and in one colour. 

The reason for blasting now and not at the start is because once blasted the car is primed with epoxy paint to protect it, but this is only for a short while depending on the weather conditions. So while I was working on the rusty parts, the good metal was protected under the old paint. It is though now time to remove everything back to bare metal and start the process of preparing the chassis for a new coat of old English white paint.

First off a big thanks to James Shopland of The Shopland Collection who helped me with transportation.

A second thank you goes out to Joe Williamson and his Dad at Avon Blast Cleaning who did a fantastic job on the chassis as the photo's will show.







Back home, safe and sound. I mean that because there really are hardly any holes to weld up. Just a handful of pin holes which I am over the moon about.

Next job on the list is to start seem sealing all the panel joins to protect from rust and then I'll be painting the underside with chassis paint.