Tuesday 11 November 2014

Triangular Support Installed

As the cold long nights drawn in again for another year it is time for a quick look back to where I was two years ago! At that time I was removing everything off the car that could come off. One thing I noticed was my comment about may be not needing to replace the rear bulkhead...How wrong was I!! 

So back to my progress update for tonight and would you believe it welding in more new metal! This as actually been over the course of some weeks, just because it has been hard finding the time to get into the workshop. But during this time I have been moving closer to finishing off the triangular support. 

This job has been in two parts. The first is to weld in place the new repair panel as shown here below. There were still plenty of gaps that needed filling by welding. 

The second part was to make a bespoke repair to replace the rusted outer section.

It was quite fun to try and create the slope of inner triangle by hand, but I think it is close enough.

This new repair only has a few more welds to go before it is finally all in place. This area has certainly taken longer that I first imagined it would. 


Here is the repair finally welded in!

What a difference to how it used to be...