Wednesday 14 December 2022

Windscreen Wipers

Time to fit the windscreen wiper mechanism back on.

I had already cleaned up the motor back in 2012. It was full of hard grease and it hardly turned at all. 

It is worth mentioning that you can source different gears to increase the angle of the wiper sweep. Mine is 110 degrees. You can just about make out the stamp on the gear, but you can get up to 150. I'm not planning on driving mine in the wet so was happy to stick with what I had.

Once all cleaned out, I replaced with nice new grease and fitted it back on to the chassis.

The old rubber mounts had perished so bought some new ones.

Once you have the three in place you can slot in the wiper motor and tighten up the nuts.

All connected up and ready to go!

Next was to clean up the rest of the mechanism. This is what came off the car originally. I cleaned all this up with degreaser, as like the motor were clogged up with old hardened grease. But it didn't take long and so I could move on to fitting it back on.

It is much easier to fit this without the dash in place. I couldn't really imagine even trying, so it is important you get this right.

Hopefully the photos will help. There are two wheelboxes that attach to the windscreen wipers. 

These slot through the two holes in the top shroud as shown below.

You can then fit the new rubber seal, chrome bezel and nut. 

Before you fit the rack and tubing you must grease everything thoroughly to ensure smooth operation for years to come, as you don't want to be pulling this out again. That includes the rack and tubing. 

I took photos whilst I was test fitting it all which is why there's no grease in some of the photos.

This wheelbox is the one farthest from the motor which has a cap to the tubing. 

When you fit the cover you'll see a slot for the lip of the tubing to sit in. Make sure when you tighten the screws up that lip is still in place.

As you can see the tubing passes through the top shroud support.

Now you can fit your wipers. Which should slot onto the spindle. Be careful the chrome hinge doesn't flip back and scratch your paint!

I bought a new rubber grommet for the tubing to pass through the bulkhead.

All done! When I connected up the battery and flicked the switch they worked perfectly first time.