Saturday 27 April 2019

Passenger Footwell Update

It has been a few months since my last post. Life again has rolled its dice. A new job and a big push to finish the house has limited my time in the garage working on my MG Midget.

There was the odd time I managed to grab an hour here and there to try and keep the progress going.

Here's an overview of progress so far:

Footwell Side Panel:

After cutting out the old panel the new one fitting perfectly.

Inner Sill:

The inner sill also welded in very nicely. There was some small adjustments at each end but all in all a very smooth fit.

Test fitting the out sill:

I wanted to make sure the outer sill aligned correctly and thankfully it did. I checked with the end caps and like the off side of the chassis they fitted well. Looking forward to getting this panel in place.

Offside Floor:

Think this looks so good compared to the last time I took this photo

After nearly an hour of test fitting I was ready to start welding in the passenger floor panel today. It will take me a good few sessions to complete this large section, but again the alignment is looking good.

On a sad note my grinder packed in today, oh well, over six years of hard work took it's toll. Kind of excited to get a new one though!

Offside Triangular support:

Originally I thought this side wasn't too bad compares to the other side. I was wrong! Again!