Wednesday 28 September 2022

Gearbox Preparation for Fitting

I did have a good think about whether to have a go at rebuilding my gearbox, but I really just didn't see the point. If I make a mistake it is on me. But if I get a company to do it for me then at least I get some warranty and help if I need it.

So off it went to Bristol Transmissions and a two weeks later it came back.

The diagnosis was good. Only a new lay shaft and replaced bearings, shims and gaskets. I was really happy!

But before I could fit it there were a few things that I had to sort out.

First was to fit the cluck fork which meant I needed to replace the release bearing as it was completely worn down to the metal housing.

You only need to rotate clips to release the bearing.

Take the old one out and place the new one back and rotate the clips again to lock it into position.

Then ready to fit.

The clutch release fork is simple to fit. You just slide it over the main drive shaft and push the bolt in place.

Then you need to fit the rubber gaiter...

...or replacement in my case.

This is not easy at all. It is so hard to get the gaiter over the end of the fork. I tried heating it up in boiling water. Applying lubricant. 

Also taped up the end of the fork. Eventually it did go on, but my hands and fingers were aching for ages afterwards.

I fitted the new slave cylinder at the same time. My old one was very corroded and the cost to get it refurbished was more than a new one.

All connected up.

I also wanted to fit new rubber mountings as the old ones where cracking.

Fairly straight forward. 

Although there is some adjustments in these parts which allow you to make sure the securing bolts that pin the gearbox to the chassis line up correctly.

All ready to go!

There are four bolts that secure the gearbox to the chassis. Two on the underside of the chassis mid cross member and two inside on either side of the transmission tunnel.

I was lucky as they lined up fair well. Needed a strong nudge here and there, but went in fairly easily which was good.

The post that covers the gearbox being fitted to the engine and fitted to the chassis is here: Engine Rebuild and Installation

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