Monday 1 November 2021

Engine Rebuild

When I first saw the engine in bits I was concerned that it had turned over for the last time many years before.

Apart from the visible state there was of course the unseen and unknown wear that I'd have to get sorted. 

So I decided to get it professionally inspected and repaired if possible.

I found a local company to me called Thomas Hamlin & Co based in Bridgewater.

They have been working on engines since 1896 so I felt confident that if the engine was repairable they'd tell me.

Once they had picked it up it was only a few weeks later when they called me back to give me the news. 

Good news was that is was going to be ok! However there were one or two jobs that needed to be done:

  • Rebore to +.020
  • Grind the Crank
  • Face Head -.007
  • Face Block -.005
  • Face thermostat housing
  • Grind valves
  • Fit new core plugs
  • Fit new pistons to rods
  • Fit new rocker shaft
  • Fit 8 guides
  • Fit new bearings
  • Fit new oil pump
  • Fit new timing chain
  • Fit new pressure relief valve
  • Fit new core plugs
I also decided to convert to unleaded so the valve seats had to be cut and new unleaded inserts fitted.

They kindly took some photos of the work.

All of the work including rebuilding it to a short engine with the timing set and fitting the back plate was still a little less than buying a brand new conditioned engine. I really wanted to keep my original 1098 and with the rebore to +.020 is about 1144cc is also a bonus.

There is plenty to do and I have started to clean the sump, oil filter, side covers including the breather and rocker cover.

I also have to sort out the hole in the oil strainer. 

 I can see the part that has broken off still inside, so I need to find a way to braise it back on. 

Looking forward to completing the rebuild from here on in and giving it a new fresh coat of original green paint.