Thursday 29 September 2022

Starter Motor Refurb

Really didn't want to buy a new starter motor if the old one worked. So decide to fine out.

Took it outside and connected it up to my car's battery with two jumper leads and it jumped into life.

That meant it just needed cleaning up and painting.

It is very simple to take this apart. You just unscrew these two long bolts.

This was in much better condition that the dynamo I restored before.

The four brushes were also in good condition with plenty of life left in them.

Just needed to get down there and clean it all. You can remove this cover to gain easier access to the brushes.

Just some surface rust and dirty that comes off easily enough.

If you do need to replace the brushes you have to undo the main live cable bolt on the end and then pull back each spring to release the brush. There are four so it would get a bit fiddly I'd imagine. But a lot cheaper than buying a new starter motor. 

Used my air compressor to clean this out and remove what dirt I could. Came up well.

Ready for paint.

Can't find another picture of it painted!! Oh well. I like that this shows the date it was made, July 1965.

Well you can sort of see it at the back here! It is best to fit it when the engine is out, but I understand not impossible with the engine in.

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