Monday 2 March 2020

Right Rear Wing Repair

Time to complete one of the last major sections on the chassis on my MG midget.

The rear wing on the right hand side had some particularly interesting repair sections.


It has been some months now since I completed the wheel arch and floor panel so this left me with a good starting point to work from. First job was to offer up the repair panel and mark out the cutting line.

When it was all looking right and aligned it was time to cut the old metal out.

There is some rusty metal on the lower end of the downward curve of the wing that will need to be cut out and replaced. I will also need to weld up the holes and any joints that are exposed to moisture creeping in. Then I need to prepare all the metal in this area with protective paints as there will be parts the sandblaster can't get to. 

The repair panel seems to offer up nicely. So quite a bit more prep work and then we're good to weld in.

Here are some photo's of the repair to the lower downward curve. Should be ready to attach a flange that the rear wing panel will attach to.

This gives me the chance to make up a bespoke repair again. There wasn't much of a template left.

All cleaned up and we're ready to weld in the rear wing panel!

I have always been really worried about warping the metal on these outer panels. It is really important to make sure that they don't warp outwards as they can cause the whole panel to look out of shape that no amount of filler will ever fix. The way that I have found works reasonably well is to take your time and not weld in one place for more than a second. That way you don't build up too much heat in the panel which can cause the distortion.

I think this repair panel has come out just fine.

There are a few small areas that need tidying up but I think that finishes off this section, which means I have only two areas left on the main chassis and that is the front chassis legs and the sill ends on this right hand side. After that it's the doors!