Sunday 11 November 2018

Rear Wheel Arch Repairs

Really trying to push on with this section and I have been making good progress. I remember from last time it took me weeks to do the same repair on the right hand side with my lack of experience, but in just one day I completed some complicated areas, including the inner wheel arch.

Back to the tried and tested method, but I actually used the same template from last time.

Next stop is the rear bulkhead section and after removing the old rusted metal it was time for some test fitting.

All looking good!

Wednesday 7 November 2018

Tackling the rust

After many hours sanding and grinding with my assortment of tools the transmission tunnel wasn't that bad and once cleaned up and with a few layers of rust converter has come up quite well.

The photo's below show my first pass at doing this. On bad areas I have been applying the rust converter and allowing it to dry then sanding it all off again to try and expose further rust pitting. 

As mentioned in my last post I did have to remove the reinforcement panel, thankfully it came off very well with some new spot weld drill bits.

The next step was to repair the lip of the transmission panel.

And that turned out well.

Next step on the list was to repair the inner wheel arch. Now this area didn't look that bad, but there was significant rust pitting which I felt needed to be replaced.

Definitely needed attention!

Now that is in and once it is grinded down smooth I can sort out the outer wheel arch.

Thursday 1 November 2018

Not what I expected!

Brimming in confidence having tackled this section before but on the other side of the car I have been carefully measuring and cutting back the rusted metal and with new panels ready to go I thought I would have this area done in no time at all!

But then on removing the rear bulkhead panel I find this!

Need a closer look!

Trust me it's rusted!

The transmission tunnel has rusted out right in the corner where it meets the floor panel and the rear bulkhead. You can see the hole my screwdriver made just above the hand brake cable bracket.

This unfortunately means, I think, that in order to sort this area out I'm going to have to take off the floor reinforcement plate and maybe more depending on how that goes.

This is so typical of this restoration project as I thought this side wasn't as bad and in some areas it isn't, but some areas it is a lot worse. I am going to have to drill out about 20 welds to hopefully remove this reinforcement plate without distorting it too much.

Oh well...