Sunday 10 February 2019

Passenger Footwell

Been soldiering on with cleaning up the passenger foot well in the MG Midget. Overall the metal is in quite good condition when compared to the drivers side. With a couple of small rust holes that are easily dealt with by the usual process of cutting out the rust and welding in a small piece of metal.

The point at which the inner sill makes contact with the end panel though did need to be sorted out though.

Once the new section was welded back in it allowed me to check the alignment of the inner sill, which thankfully looked good to me.

Also good to check the alignment of the floor panel as well

Next job will be to sort out the foot well side panel and the A-post that looks in as bad a state as the drivers side!

Monday 4 February 2019

Cross Member Completed

After a few recent cold days that brought some snow it has been a balmy 6 degrees in the garage so I was able to finish off welding in the cross member. It is so important to take loads of measurement beforehand to tackle this properly, but it also handy to have a good eye for a straight line as well.

Before that thought I need to make good some of the flanges on the box sections. This was were the rust had penetrated a little too deep into the metal.

It didn't take too long to cut out the old and weld in the new. Certainly looking much better than when I first uncovered this box section.

It took a while to make sure all was straight. After a short time it was in!

Ready to move on to the next area, the end of the foot well.