Monday 21 July 2014

Test fitting Inner Bulkhead and Spring

Spent this evening test fitting the inner bulkhead prior to welding it in place, which is the job for next time! To make sure everything was going to line up I decide to fit the rear spring and to my satisfaction at all lined up beautifully. So I can crack on with welding in more new panels!!

Wednesday 9 July 2014

Back On Track

When the sun comes out it is never easy to get in the workshop. There has been some much going on and it seems ages since I last updated my MG blog.

But there has been some activity, some of it bad and some of it good. Back in March I updated the blog with the news that I had welded in the spring hanger. I then test fitted the floor panel and inner sill to check that everything fitted together ok. Unfortunately this is where the bad news materialised. I had got my measurements wrong and had in fact placed the spring hanger 4mm too far to the right, which meant the bolt holes in the floor panel didn't match up to the thread holes in the spring hanger!

There was no option but to remove the spring hanger off the outer bulkhead and re-weld in a new one. I did plan on trying to reuse the existing one but after I had drilled out the spot welds it was a little out of shape and I didn't want to risk it, after all this is a critical area of the car and I kind of need to make sure the wheels are all pointing in the same direction!

So last night I successfully welded in the new spring hanger and test fitted the new inner sill and floor panel and all seems to be looking good. 

So the next job will to be paint all the metal that will be out of sight between the inner and outer bulkhead panels to protect them from the elements, I may use some waxoyl to make double sure that rust stays away!! I can then move on to weld in the inner bulkhead. From there I will need to repair the crossmember and the footwell end panel before I can get the inner sill and floor panel welded in. 

Plenty to be getting on with, I just need to make sure I measure twice and twice again before picking up that welder!!