Tuesday 28 May 2019

Making progress on the floor

Recently I have been pushing on trying to complete the whole underside of the MG Midget. This has included finishing welding in the left hand floor panel which has been going well. One of the jobs was to reattached the transmission tunnel reinforcement plate.

It is certainly looking more complete now!

Next up is finishing the triangular support in the engine bay, and then the plate underneath the front chassis frame which is all bashed in from some accident years ago.

Depending on its condition on the inside I'd like to straighten this out and weld it back in. But who knows what lurks behind! I am also thinking of removing the underside of the chassis legs to see how bad they are, especially as they were quite bad when I removed the old floor panel. It will also allow me to see how far the damage to the front of the chassis legs which do need to be replaced.