Tuesday 3 October 2017

Bump Stop Plate Repair

This is one of the last major repairs to make to the right hand rear wheel arch. It requires removing, cleaning off the rust and welding back into position when the boot floor is fixed in place.

You can see that the rust was slightly more than surface rust. But with my spot weld drill bits it came off without too much trouble. Trouble was the state of the flange it was attached to.

I realised I was going to have to make a new flange, which meant exposing it completely and that needed to happen anyway because the new floor was going here. So I started cutting it all back...

...and made a new flange.

and welded it in!

I also stripped back and repainted on some rust converter and I'll paint on some black chassis paint tomorrow to seal it all up properly.

Next job is to sort out the rear lights before moving on to the left hand side of the car for the first time during the restoration!!!!

Inner Wheel Arch Repair

I was quite proud of myself for making this repair panel, so I was looking forward to welding it in.

So there I was feeling all proud and thought that I should try to see how the boot floor extension panel I got from Moss fitted.

I very quickly realised I had made a mistake.

The curve I created followed the rusty original which must have moved from its correct position. I should have used the extension panel as a guide because they are designed to be welded together and need to fit snugly and allow the extension panel to sit low enough so that it is level with the boot floor. Mine was too high! 

So I had to cut into the curve and straighten it and re-weld it in the correct position.

Lesson learnt for the other side which will also need the same fix.