Wednesday 23 April 2014

Engine Inspection

So for the last year and a half I have not gone near the engine, knowing that if I did it would be hard for me to stop and get back to the chassis. Well that plan went out of the window when a my old friend Ollie came round for the weekend and being a car enthusiast, has been reading the blog and shown a keen interest in my progress. 
So on visiting the garage to show him my MG project up close and personal and we got talking about the engine, which came to me ceased!

After about 1 hour we had removed it from the gear box and started work on removing the cylinder head. 

Since then I have not stopped working on the engine as I really wanted to explore the amount of work needed to get her running again.

So this is what I found...

Fortunately with some gentle taps with a rubber mallet the crankshaft started to move and before long was fully turning quite nicely. It was at this point when I got out the wet and dry paper and WD40 and started to clean a bit!!