Sunday 13 September 2020

Seam Sealer

Having had the chassis blasted and primed it wanted to finish the underside of the MG Midget in preparation for fitting the suspension. 

There are only two jobs really that need to be completed and first up was seam sealing all the joints on the underside of the chassis. 

The seam sealer is a thick glue like paste that seals the joints between two metal panels. It can also be used on welds that have some pin holes left behind. Once applied it drys hard and can be painted over.

I wanted to make sure that every seam and joint was carefully covered whilst not spoiling the freshly blasted metal, which looked so nice and clean with its coat of primer, but it is so important to stop any moisture from entering the gaps as I don't want to be doing any more welding for a good many years to come.

I soon realised there are quite a lot of joints on a monocoque chassis! Here are some photo's of the work, although it isn't that easy to see the seam sealing as it is also grey like the primer.

Now that has all been completed on the underside it is time to prepare for painting the underside with black chassis paint which will protect it from moisture, stone chips and general usage better than standard paint. 

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