Monday 28 September 2020

Cavity Protection

Now that the underside of the chassis is fully painted with satin black chassis paint I wanted to add further protection to the cavities that lurk within the MG Midgets monocoque chassis. For this job I turned to Bilt Hamber's Dynax S50 (Other cavity protection waxes are available) because it also comes with a very useful lance that evenly sprays the wax all around the cavity walls.

The main areas requiring treatment include the whole rear bulk head that is very easy to access with the chassis on its side. MG very kindly left these holes behind to make this job so easy! 😉 I also applied a coat up inside the spring hanger area.

Other areas that need a coating include the cross member, between the inner and outer sills, front chassis legs, behind the foot plate, insides of the triangular supports, inside the a and b posts, inside the doors, under the front lip of the bonnet. or wherever the car is likely to rust, so basically everywhere! However don't spray this until you have painted that section as the paint will not stick to the wax and you'll have to thoroughly degrease everything!

I watched a couple of YouTube videos on how to do this to make sure I didn't waste too much of the product. 

The idea is to insert the lance right to the back of the cavity, start to release the wax and then fairly quickly pull the lance out of the cavity. The Dynax S50 is quite runny initially to allow it to settle into all the cracks and joints. I choose to apply two coats as I can still remember how badly rusted this whole area was.

Once dried the wax does have a tacky feel to it. So hopefully with the new metal, primer, chassis paint, seam sealer and now cavity protection this will last for a good few years.

Once I have completely finished the car I will probably apply underbody protection.

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