Saturday 19 September 2020

Painting Chassis Underside

Having completed the seam sealing on the underside of the chassis it was time to apply some paint. I wanted to use black chassis paint with a satin finish. 

Before spraying on the paint you need to remove any dust, grease and dirt. There didn't seem much to clean as the primer looked so fresh, but the blasting did leave the surface covered in very fine dust which needs to be brushed off first. I then rubbed it down with surface preparation cleaner which helps to remove any left over contaminates which might affect the paint from taking to the primer.

I have applied two coats to make sure the metal is as protected as it can be.

I am really pleased with how it turned out. You can hardly see the seam sealer, but I know it is there underneath doing its job.

I'm going to be getting some cavity spray to add a final protection to the cross member and the rear bulk head which always seems to get hit by rust. Hopefully not anymore!


  1. Just stumbled across your blog for the second time and am now a small way into restoring my own Sprite and it's encouraging to see your progress (though I hope it doesn't take me quite so long!!). If I had the underside of mine looking that good, I'd be very happy indeed.

    Good luck finishing it, it'll be worth it, can't wait to get mine back on the road, there's nothing quite like driving a spridget.


  2. Thanks Matt for your post. I am sure it won't take you as long. Life is fairly hectic for me and so taking my time is a necessity rather than my approach!