Tuesday 14 March 2023


There's a bit of a split of opinion on whether to cover the inside of your Midget in soundproofing. 

I was all in! I wanted to get close to achieving a seemingly solid build quality and certainly didn't want to hear anything other than the engine and wind. I was also planning on installing a Bluetooth speaker and needed the cockpit as quiet as possible.

Bought a middle of the range brand and got to work.

Seemed a bit of a shame to cover the clean chassis paint, but I had to keep reminding myself it all gets covered in carpet anyway which was also the reason I didn't spend a load of cash painting it in Old English White. Don't know why people do that. 

The aim is to cover the main parts where vibration and noise can pass into the cockpit. I quite enjoyed this job. 

You just peal the protective paper off the black sticky stuff and press down on to the area.

Then using the roller make sure there are no air bubbles and it is stuck down. 

And repeat everywhere you want to.

Cutting this stuff to fit isn't too bad if you have an old pair of scissors. As you'll have plenty of awkward shapes to deal with.

I also put one sheet inside the door and even this one piece makes a big difference to the sound of the door when you close it. It stops the tinning sound and makes it more of the thudding sound.

Now I can fit the carpet and trim. Getting closer!

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