Wednesday 22 March 2023


Now that I had covered the interior of my Midget with soundproofing it was time to fit the carpets.

I ordered a set from Prestige Autotrim Products Ltd. This included both front and rear sets. I also ordered the underlay for extra soundproofing and comfort.

The majority is very easy to fit as it is so well cut to fit. But there are a few tricky areas like the wheel arches and the box chassis sections in the boot.

So with spray adhesive ready you coat both surfaces and leave for a few minutes until they go tacky and then fit the carpet to fit. I haven't stuck down every part just the ones that don't lay flat. So the ones around the box sections, wheel arches and the boot sections for example.

Sorry for the lack of photo's of the process but I was so focused on getting them to fit I only really have before and after.

Realised I needed to fit the seat belts as part of the process as you need to fold in the underlay and the carpet to make sure they say down and in the correct shape and place.

You also need to make the holes for the seat bolts.

I'm not overly happy with the wheel arches. Found it difficult to get the shape just right. I might have another go when I feel like tinkering with it.

I'm happy with the overall finish. Not many jobs left now.

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