Wednesday 2 August 2017

Front lower repair for the rear wing

I've been looking forward to completing this repair for ages as it will finish off the right and side of my MG Midget. When I look back through my blog one of the first repair panels and welds I ever did was in this area (back in Dec 2013) and now I have completed this section. That's only 3½ years! Not bad going really...

First job was to check the repair panel for fitting.

Then I decided to paint those parts that would be hidden for a few years with chassis paint to protect from rust.

Then it was a question of welding the gap, but I felt that the gap was a little wide in places, so I cut up some metal to weld into place.

And then I stitched welded the gaps whilst making sure the alignment was correct.

It all seemed to ok, apart from the bottom right corner has lifted up a little so the gap wasn't even against the outer sill. This was caused by welding too much too quickly and causing metal shrinkage. So I had to make a cut into the repair panel near the bottom that would allow me to bend the panel so the gap was even and then stitch welded it. Lesson learnt!

I still have a little tidying up to do on the leading edge but I think it turned out ok. Also being able to tilt the chassis made my life so much easier.

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