Monday 10 February 2014

Wheel Arch Repairs Continued

I think progress is going to happen on a much quicker pace from now on. It's a bit like decorating a room. You have to do the preparation first before starting on the big jobs. All those little jobs have to be sorted first.

I decided to purchase a 10 litre gas bottle of Argon / Co2 mix that cost me £115, but I will get back £55 when I return the bottle itself. This has made a huge difference in having a good steady supply of gas at all times. 

It seems that in order to get the rear bulk head, floor and sills in place I have to sort out half of the wheel arch and other small detailed parts in this area. 

Tonight was welding in another section of the inner wheel arch using the repair that I had made a couple of weeks ago.

1965 MG Midget Restoration

To get this perfectly in line with the main inner arch would take a good accurate weld!!

1965 MG Midget Restoration 1965 MG Midget Restoration 1965 MG Midget Restoration

It all seems good from most angles so just need to tidy up this weld joint and then I'll match up the curved section.

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