Monday 3 February 2014

I think I've got it!!!!

I was just looking back to when I made my first custom panel for the wheel arch and started to try welding it in...that was 3½ weeks ago!! During that time, without knowing it I taught myself to weld. I made so many mistakes, probably mostly schoolboy errors like to keep trying to repair numerous blow through holes and grinding the metal down too much making the metal thin and more unstable that it ended up looking more like Swiss cheese than a repair panel.

So tonight I bit the bullet and cut out the panel and made a new one and welded it in!! Yes in one evening and not 3½ weeks, grrr!! I know I need to sharpen up my technique, but I have penetrated the metal and there are no pin holes to let the moisture through.

Sadly just as I was about to finish it off I ran out of gas. Again! So now I know I can weld well enough I am going to invest in a large bottle and stop buying the disposable ones as they just don't last ten minuets.

That small rust hole to the left of the weld will be sorted next by cutting out a small section with my draper multi-tool, shaping a piece of steel and welding that in.

Well there should be no stopping me know!!

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