Wednesday 8 June 2022

Getting exciting now!

To have the MG Midget back in the garage and all painted is just an amazing feeling.

I'm really pleased with the colour and the quality of the job that Jason has done. Under the garage lights it does look quite yellow. But out in the day light it looks like the Old English White paint should.

So now the fun begins of putting everything back on the car!

First up is the wiring loom. I decided that having spent 9 years getting to this stage, putting 57 year old wiring back into the car wasn't the best idea, so I bought a new wiring loom which was made by AutoSparks.

Having the old loom and the photos I took before whilst removing the old one really did help, but also having this wiring diagram below really gave me confidence about where the wires go and how they should be connected. Here's a link to it:

Starting to weave it into the chassis.

Found that many of the rubber grommets had perished so replaced many of them as well.  

Have been trying to give everything a good clean before it goes back on to the chassis, especially all the contacts points that have oxidised over the years.

Even just testing, attaching and connecting this brake light switch seems like a massive milestone. 

You can easily become distracted with this process, as once you connect parts of the wiring loom up you then start to focus on those new areas.

So logically I started to installing the rest of the braking system!

Not easy getting this pipes bent correctly. Had to buy tool to make sure none of the pipes collapsed when bending. I'll post on the full braking hydraulics install soon.  

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