Thursday 23 July 2020

Bits and Bobs

Having now completed all of the main chassis components (can't believe I am typing this!!) I wanted to make sure that I had all the miscellaneous parts that I wanted to send to the blasters along with the chassis. 

This includes all the hinges from the doors, boot and bonnet. The bumper mounts and supporting brackets and splash guard brackets.

Most of these are rusty but thankfully require no welding. I did feel though that there were a few parts that I could get into my rust removal electrolysis experiment.

Here's an example of just how well it works.

Looking very rusty and ready for a dip.

All wired up

After 12 hours in the tub

And after a good go with the rotary wire brush, starting to get the shine back.

And finally primed ready for another 55 years!

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