Thursday 4 July 2019

Nearside Triangular Support

I remember when I first got to look over my MG Midget and thought at least the nearside triangular support isn't as bad as the other. 

In some ways I wasn't wrong, but just because it didn't look like this...

... doesn't mean it will be a quick fix.

Ultimately I found some rust and if I don't deal with it now it will bother me for the rest of time. So that mean't pretty much the same amount of work as before.

I think this is the only photo I have of the nearside when I first stripped the car and you can see it looks in much better condition than above. There is just a small rust patch in the bottom right corner which I thought would clean up.

but it turned out to have a few small holes!

It was at this point I decided to repeat the same job as before, which meant starting with the end panel.

Now that was all taken care of and back to good metal I could get on with the main structure.

But then I had to deal with the badly fitting repair panel. 

That needed the same alterations as before.

I don't know why heritage have made the panel that don't fit but my local Moss supplier assured me they have always been like that. At least this time I knew what I was doing!

There were a few more welds to make good to seal it all in correctly and make a replacement splash plate that was previously damaged, so now it should last for many years to come without me worrying about that rust!

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