Sunday 5 February 2017

Right Hand Outer Sill in!

At long last the outer sill in all welded in and looking good!

I then needed to complete a repair to the point where the wheel arch meets the sill, as there was some rust in that area I had to cut it out, make a new section and weld it all in.

The issue I need to resolve is to close up all the gaps as I can see no reason to keep this as it is. The only reason I left a gap was because there is one on the left hand side and from photo's I have seen online there is also a gap. Why leave a gap where water from the wheel arch can come through the gap down to the A post? More research required!

1 comment:

  1. James,

    I would weld the gap except for the portion that flares out to meet the wing (that's what I did). You need to allow the wing to slip under the arch at that point. Though I've noticed that your inner wing doesn't stick out as far as mine did... so maybe you can weld up the entire thing. You're right that otherwise lots of water will get in. Welding it up means less water will get in. :)