Monday 30 January 2017

Outer Sill Welding into Position - Part 1

After many hours of alignment preparation I decided to bite the bullet and weld the outer sill into position. I chose the lower contact points first just in case there was any metal warping that I might to able to correct in the top of the sill.

First off I needed to clean up each weld using my mini wire brush attachment.

After that I clamped around each hole and used a pick to ensure that no primer and only bare metal was exposed to ensure a clean weld. I made sure that every weld was completed at a different points on the sill to reduce overheating and warping.

Quit impressed with some of these welds. Funny how some go so well and others end up with too much metal in them.

Next job is to check the door alignment and complete the welds in the top of the sill. I will need to make sure there are no gaps around the sill which might let moisture in. Then grind it all down smooth and paint it to protect the section until it is time for the soda blasting!


  1. Glad to see you're back to work on the Midget!


  2. Hi Steve, Yes nice to have some time to get on! When are you getting yours painted?