Sunday 14 September 2014

Footwell Repair

As it seems to be with this project I have to maintain progress by grabbing a couple of hours when I can and today was no exception. My youngest was off to a birthday party and my wife spent some quality time with the eldest, perfect!

I have to say that I have been looking forward to working on the footwell, mostly because it is something new, i.e. not the rear bulkhead! A new challenge helps to remove the monotony of repetition. I am honest enough to admit that working on the rear bulkhead got to a point where I repeatedly questioned whether I could finish this. Looking back on it I have to say that without that period, I would now not have to confidence to continue. It was during that period that I learnt to weld and work with metal and it is with that fact that I look back on that time with satisfaction.

So the footwell... This is really the final part of the right hand floor that I have to tackle. It will enable me to install the end footwell panel, the outer footwell panel, the floor panel, the A post and the inner sill. However as so often with this project my early enthusiasm was slightly dampened by the extent of the rust damage to the triangular support panel. I already knew that there was work to be done, but the challenge has increased somewhat. 

I'll let the photo's finish the story!

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