Tuesday 23 April 2013

Quick welding update

Just thought I would let my readers know that I have been teaching myself to weld over the last couple of weeks with the MIG lent to me by James Shopland. I have been learning a lot of mistakes and very quickly too, not on the Midget though, just on scrap metal.

I cannot really progress too much further without the necessary skills in place, but I also need some more parts, in and around the rear bulkhead which I am saving up for this month.

I have been cleaning up some of the old metal with flap discs and preparing it for welding. I am trying to cover all types of welds that I need to complete the chassis. These include flat gap, angled gap and pit welding. I will try and post some pictures of my attempts in a few days. 

I bought a new auto darkening welding mask which is brilliant I have to say. But I do need some specialise mole grips to get the job done properly, further cost to this build, but nothing really that others incur thanks to the generosity of my friends and family. 

My stepfather donated a heavy duty vice to help with the metal work, which is very kind of him. It will fit very nicely on my new bench.

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