Monday 8 April 2013

Further Test Fitting

Certainly getting closer so welding in some panels now. I have been concentrating on preparing all the edges and making sure that the good metal is all straight to receive the new panels.

I know I have mentioned this before but it is such a good feeling looking at the Midget with shiny new metal in place.

1965 MG Midget MKII Restoration 1965 MG Midget MKII Restoration

My next stop will be the local metal supplier, where I need to buy some sheet metal so I can make up some new sections. One to go in the front footwell panel, the other to go in the rear bulk head, behind the kick board.

Last weekend we had good weather and as the sun shone it felt like Spring for the first time this year. It prompted us to get in the garden where we had a Spring tidy up, that included a clear out of the summer house which more resembled a city's dump than anything else.

One of the things that had been filling the space in the summer house was a couple of trestle table legs and an old kitchen worktop, which I have put to good use in the workshop. I just now need a bench vice so I can begin my bespoke metal work!

1965 MG Midget MKII Restoration

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