Sunday 9 April 2023


As mentioned in another post I decide to get the seats professionally restored. 

I thought I had taken a photo of the seats so I could show a nice before and after. I can't find one!

This is the best I have, sorry.

Hard to see but the vinyl was ripped. The vinyl itself was very dirty and stained and the foam underneath was falling apart. 

So lots to do. I really didn't know how I was going to tackle this. By complete chance I met a guy called Ray who lived in the village. He was a car trimmer. We got chatting and he agreed to help me.

I came to pick up the seats and all the panels and in a couple of weeks he returned with this!

I was so happy with the finish. Looks amazing and best of all Ray did me a very good price.

So now I just had to fit them.

First is to make the holes in the carpet for the bolts to fit through. 

The backing mesh makes it quite easy to mark where you need to make the hole with a sharp point.

I then used a drill to make the hole.

All done!

Slide the runners on to the seat. Worth applying a little grease. Keeping them to stay there is a bit of a challenge.

Push the threads into the holes in the carpet and through the holes in the floor panel.

Tighten the nuts if you can. You might need someone to sit in the seat to get enough of the thread to show.

The rear two bolts should be a little easier if you slide the seat right forward on the runners.

All bolted on!

And there we go!

Ready for a drive!

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