Thursday 16 February 2023

Panel Fitting

Now that the engine was in with, I think everything linked up it was time to fit the panels.

I had hoped that because I had spent so many hours getting all the gaps correct as best I could before it went off to paint this should be fairly straight forward.

First in was the splash guards and front valance.

Initially had a bit of a struggle to get the holes to line up. While access is fairly easy without the wings on it didn't take much longer. Was good to start to add more parts like the rubber grommets for the wiring loom and bonnet release cable. 

and attach the screen wash bottle.

Once both in time to fit the front valance, which bolts on to the front chassis rails.

I bought some black stone chip paint that I wanted to spray on to the inside of the wings before fitting. Have to mask all the edges off to protect the new shiny paint.

Looked like it went on ok with no overspill.

Fits nicely on to the A post and front valance.

I cheated a bit on the doors as the painter didn't remove the hinges from the A post when painting so it was easy to fit the doors with the four bolts top and bottom. Meant there was hardly and adjustments to make.

Fitted the other wing. It was amazing how the panels transforms the car.

Finally to fit the bonnet. The hinges needed to be bolted on which really has to be done before you fit the dash. Also attached the rubber buffers.

Ideally you need 3 people to fit the bonnet. 2 to hold it in place and 1 to tighten the bolts. 

But how nice it looked with all the panels on and the panel gaps still looked good even with a few layers of paint on them.

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