Tuesday 15 November 2022

Exhaust System Fitting

I was making good progress with the rebuild and keen to get my MG Midget started. Next on the list was fitting the exhaust.

Here is my exhaust manifold that was still quite solid apart from two small holes at the end where is connects to the main pipe. 

I welded them, wire wheeled the rust off and then gave it a couple of coats of Very High Temperature (VHT) spray paint, which made it look almost new again.

When I first tried to fit this to the engine I had a little trouble getting it into place, because I didn't modify the chassis to make the hole big enough when I was welding this all together.

All that cutting meant I had to do some repainting before fitting the manifold.

But with that now done it was time to fit the manifold. I fitted the gasket and then trying not to scratch the paint slotted the manifold on to the studs.

I then noticed that the clearance between the main pipe and the floor of chassis wasn't great and I started to get worried about how hot the floor would get.

So I bought some motorcycle heat shield that has an adhesive backing and stuck it on.

I'm hoping that this should stop the heat from the exhaust transferring to the floor as I have put down sound insulation in the floor which has a butyl rubber backing that I don't want to melt.

Next thing was to fit the exhaust pipe support mount that bolts on to the rear bulkhead via these two holes.

All the parts I need.

Bolt on fairly easily. Would be even easier with a ramp!

Next was to fit the silencer mount.

I had to actually fit the main pipe and silence as there was no predrilled hole in the boot floor that I bought. So with everything in place, I hoped, I drilled the hole and fitted the mount.

Slid the main pipe through the support bracket.

Applied exhaust paste to make sure the it was sealed.

Fitted the U bolt clamps

All was looking good.

I also de-rusted and coated the silencer with VHT paint. Think it looks really good.

Next up and final part of the restart the carbs!


  1. Hi, I want to say thank you for all the pictures and tips on your site. I am in the process of restoring a 1965 Midget and I am having similar issues to fix as your car. Not that much rust luckily. Right now I'm sanding the sheet clean and then putting on a primer, I haven't decided the color yet. Greetings from Johnny in Sweden

  2. It's so clean and shiny... it's like new!