Saturday 1 February 2020

Front Chassis Plate

When I first looked at the damage to the plate on the underside of the front chassis I was genuinely worried about the possible extent of rust that most certainly lay in wait for me.

It is difficult to tell from the photo but this panel was really beaten in and bent back with gaps to let water in and so most certainly create rush behind.

The original plan was to make a new shiny new replacement for this. I decided to use this old panel as a template.

After cleaning up the surface the metal was in good condition, apart from the dents.

I set about drilling out the spot welds to remove this panel.

Amazingly once I had done that and removed the panel I really couldn't believe how little damage was behind. Almost none!

The plate itself needed a good clean and hammer. But i thought that if it came up good enough, why not just prepare it and weld it back in.

First job was to prime the box section. 

Then hammer time!

Gave it a coating of weld through primer and the following day after it had dried, welded it in.

Apart from the chassis leg ends or front end support that is the underside of the car finished!

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