Wednesday 21 August 2019

LHS Outter Sill Alignment

With work progressing well on the engine bay of my Mg Midget I felt it was time to start planning the installation of the outer sill on the left hand side. This meant fitting the donated wing, which went well and all lined up nicely. Trying to fit the door as best as I could considering the state of the A-post and then offering up the outer sill.

At first glance it was looking good, especially around the front and rear wheel arches. But I noticed that the gap under the door was slightly to big and also there was an ever increasing gap between the front wing, a-post and door.

The top of the door is aligned correctly, so I am thinking it is the b-post that needs to be altered that will allow the sill to come up a little at the rear and so close the gap, because the bottom of the door doesn't sit right. 

As the B-post skin isn't in great condition and as I have a repair panel, I'll cut this out and get the sill aligned to the door and build the A and B posts around it.

Plenty to be getting on with!

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