Monday 8 October 2018

Few jobs completed

I have been trying to get as many jobs completed as I can in order to finish off the right hand side of the MG Midget.

These included:

The bump stop plate

The boot striker plate support

The whole in the floor that a prior owner made in order to grease the prop shaft not knowing that it was a self sealed type with no grease nipple!

I didn't weld the bottom of this repair as I will be cutting out the old floor along that line

There were various other little things that needed tidying up, but once that was done it was time to wheel the car out of the garage and turn it around so I can start on the other side which was such an amazing feeling.

That obviously exposed all the work that now needs to be done on the left hand side of the car. I'd forgotten how bad it was!!

But there one thing I had to find out and that was whether or not the petrol tank, that Kim Dear from Magic Midget gave me when he sold me the car, actually fitted my nice new shiny boot floor...

Result!! A perfect fit

1 comment:

  1. Glad to see you back at it--I remember how painstaking it was when I was at this stage. Keep it up... it's looking good!