Tuesday 5 September 2017

Rear Wheel Arch Chassis Member Repair

This was one of those repairs that for some unknown reason I wasn't looking forward. I think it stems back to when I first removed the patch repair panels done by a previous owner.

Yes that would be the reason! I remember really questioning my ability to restore the MG Midget back then. I was also very worried about the rear suspension mount but it looked like the rust had stopped just before the join.

Well I stuck to what I had learnt so far, cut out the old and make or buy a new panel and weld it in...simple!

I cut a 32cm x 2.5 cms length and copied the curve

Once the curve was correct I marked out the flange which welds to the floor panel...

...and welded the two together

Then I offered it up and it fitted well

Before welding it I had to make sure it was perfectly level with the rear suspension mounts

All welded in and looking much better!

Even the new dog seems impressed...or is he wondering where his dinner is?

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