Monday 4 February 2013

Metal work begins

Last night I packed away my spanners, socket set and WD40 for the simple reason that there are no more items to remove off the chassis. As of today I consider the restoration work to have started, just short of 3 months since the Midget was rolled into the workshop.

My next task will be to take measurements of the chassis to make sure that during the metal working I retain or in some cases return the chassis to its original specification.

For example, I have measured the door span on both the near and off sides and on the off side where the a previous owner has made an attempt to repair the sills, the gap is 0.5 cms smaller than the near side, which explains why the door doesn't shut properly!

Once I have confirmed the alignment of my chassis I will then start to cut out all of the patch welding to expose the rust behind. From there I will be focusing on the sills, outer side panels and the bottom of the A posts. The floor will follow along with rear bulk head repairs.

Certainly got my work cut out!! 

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