Tuesday 27 November 2012

Progress Update

Having removed the dashboard my attention continued to be focused on removing the wiring loom. This meant that I could now move into the engine bay for the first time and start removing all components that require an electrical wire. 

Wiper motor, screen washer pump, heater matrix blower were first on the list.

MG Midget 1965 MKII Restoration MG Midget 1965 MKII Restoration MG Midget 1965 MKII RestorationMG Midget 1965 MKII Restoration

As I removed each item, it crossed my mind that I could find out if they were working by connecting them up to the battery directly and to my amazement they all worked straight off. The wiper motor will certainly need attention, there is no way you could drive safely in the rain, the speed of the wipers would be far to slow.

During the removal of the heater blower I noticed that there was some corrosion around the base of the brass valve that feeds the heating matrix. On closer inspection, one of the bolts was missing. I unscrewed the remaining one and carefully removed the valve to find that the base was completely corroded, meaning that it could no longer sit flush on the head even with a new gasket. Fortunately the brass valve was ok, but I do need to find a suitable replacement bolt along with a base for the valve.

MG Midget 1965 MKII Restoration

On a positive note, I finished cleaning the speedo and rev counter and they came up brilliantly.

MG Midget 1965 MKII Restoration MG Midget 1965 MKII Restoration


  1. Hi James

    I've also got a Midget and came across your blog while searching for articles about restoring Smiths gauges. Wow, yours look fantastic - well done. Can I ask if you replaced the bezel on the rev counter or whether you've treated it with something as it looks brand new compared to your 'before' photo?

  2. Hi, Thank you for reading my blog!

    To be honest I only used fine grade wire wool which cleaned it up so well. Nice cheap solution.

    I also removed the glass as the inside was very dusty. But make sure you don't use any cleaning products on the face as they will come off.