Monday 15 October 2012

The search!

So now I had to find the car for me!

It needed to be British, sporty and something I could get spares for.

Scrolling through the list of classic sports cars made me really think about what I wanted from my selection criteria.

It ended up between Triumph and MG, with MG winning because of my previous experience.

This led me to looking at basically two types, the MGB GT and the MG Midget.

I wanted to find models prior to the 'rubber bumper' era and certainly if I found a MGB GT it would have to be without a leaking sunroof!

But deep down in the back of my mind was that vision of driving my wife around the beautiful Somerset countryside with the top down, which meant Midget or MGB Roadster and the chances of getting a Roadster were slim on my budget.

Now the biggest issue was the budget, I am not made of money, nor have vast savings to call on. That left me with less than £1,000 to spend.

So the Midget it was then!!

I spent the next few week trawling through countless websites. Here are some of them which link directly to 'MG Midget' search results:

After some considerable time and a lot of frustration I just couldn't find one in my budget or close enough to pop over to check out.

Then one day I found a little ad with no pictures on this website:, just a small description which read:

1965 Midget Restoration project. Too many projects, too little space/time!

Correct 10cc engine, Wire wheels (were restored but paint flakey) New Dunlop tyres, new fuel tank, has had o/s sill replaced, but needs n/s sill and n/s floor, rear wings pretty good, dashboard all present/unmolested, correct seats need redoing, does'nt have front wings fitted, but comes with good s/h units, bonnet poor, correct doors and door furniture. Has been sat in dry garage for several years, so abit dusty/grubby. originally BRG, Aftermarket hardtop Would make great FIA racecar!. £750 ono

This seemed like a potential candidate, so I sent an email and to my joy the car was still there and it was only an hour away. So off I went and this is what I found....(click on images to enlarge)

MG Midget 1965 MKIIMG Midget 1965 MKII
MG Midget 1965 MKIIMG Midget 1965 MKII

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